Litigation Support Services

Our Every Deliverable will be Made with Estimable Quality...!!!

MODCHA provides a wide-range of legal support services with undisputed quality. We provide both online & offline legal support services. MODCHA’s coding service has been designed to be fast, convenient and accurate so that the client can spend their time researching the documents and not waiting for them to be coded. It saves valuable time and money for the companies, while giving them the advantage of being flexible.

Objective Coding

Our litigation services team reviews documents and prepares a computerized index of basic objective data about each document such as:

  • The document date
  • Names of the author
  • Names of the recipient
  • The type of document
  • The title of  document
Subjective Coding

Subjective coding is a more comprehensive coding process in addition to the objective coding that includes keywords and relevant data coding from the document text. Such coding is flexible and specific to individual company requirements.

Name in Text / Keyword

It is based on names, locations, important numbers, dates etc., that appears within the document

LDD / Unitization Process

It include four main segments as follows:

  • Document and scope client deliverables
  • Unitization
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • The title of  document